B2B Cold Email Personalization Strategies at
Scale Without Hours of Research

Course Summary

If you're looking to discover why you should stop using cold email templates you find on the Internet and how you can personalize your B2B Cold Emails at scale without hours of research, then this video is for you.

 In this training, you'll discover:

  • The goal of personalizing your cold emails
  • 7 shortcuts on how to find information about your prospects for personalization
  • How to use personalization to get your prospects to respond to your cold emails
  • Complete template outlining how to effectively use personalization in your cold email outreach


Because Cold Email is an art form itself, I created a checklist outlining my 5-Step Process for Writing Cold Emails That Get Responses Even From Stubborn Prospects.  

As an added bonus, you'll get a copy of our: 5-Step Process for Writing Cold Emails That Get Responses Even From Stubborn Prospects

Course Curriculum

Instructor Information

Michael John Alos

Michael Alos is the Founder of truDemand and the creator of Small Business Unleashed business growth framework. With more than 20 years in marketing and sales enablement, he's helped companies of all sizes and industries implement CRM, sales enablement, and marketing automation platforms.

Michael has made it his passion and purpose to help other business owners achieve success by unleashing the profits that are hidden in their business through Small Business Unleashed framework and training provided in demandAcademy.

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